Choosing The Right UPS Battery

There are some important things to know when choosing the right UPS battery to ensure that you have consistent power for your computer to run efficiently. UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply System. During short power outages, a UPS supplies battery backup power to computers and helps them shut down if a longer power outage occurs. There are other functions of UPS systems as well. They can stop bothersome line noise and stop power surges.

Choosing UPS BatteryIt is estimated that many software, hardware, and network problems stem from unfiltered AC power. The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) found that a normal AC outlet in North America was possibly affected by a power surge around 13 times a day. These surges are around 600 volts each time. Surges of about 3,000 volts could occur about 12 times a month. This is harmful because any surge over 300 volts can cause hardware damage.

For this reason, it is important to have the right UPS connected to your equipment, and the UPS should have a working battery that is not expired. You will keep your computer running if you take this precaution, and you will save your important data that is stored on your hard drive as well. Having a UPS can save an individual or business hundreds or thousands of dollars in data recovery and hardware repairs. Choosing the right UPS battery also saves money in the long run since a typical battery should last around two or three years.

Some experts say that because a UPS battery needs to be replaced every two to three years, it is almost comparable in price to buy a whole new UPS rather than just a new battery. Buying the new UPS may cost around $50 more than the battery alone, but since the UPS is a device that protects your valuable information, you may choose to do this.

USP batteries are fairly inexpensive to replace. In order to be sure that you are choosing the right UPS battery, you will need the make and model of your USP. Many online vendors sell replacement and upgrade batteries that cost anywhere from $20.00 to $300.00 for very powerful batteries used in large businesses. If you buy a better battery than your USP battery originally came with when you purchased it, you may be able to get four times the VA of your current UPS capacity.

If you have a standby UPS system, battery power will convert into a simulated sine wave output. The UPS switches back to AC power when the power comes back on, and the battery is recharged. These UPS systems are so efficient that the switch from AC to battery power may not even be noticed since there is no stopping of power for any measurable amount of time.

A popular brand of replacement battery that is considered to be of high quality is the Tripp Lite premium UPS replacement battery cartridge. It is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s battery, and it ships within 48 hours after you place your order. When it arrives, it is ready for installation into the UPS system. Tripp Lite batteries are compatible with APC and major brands of UPSs. In addition, each replacement battery has an 18 month warranty. Each new battery comes with an instruction manual with installation and warranty information as well as recycling instructions. The batteries weight approximately 22 pounds. These rechargeable batteries take about four hours to recharge.

As with all battery replacements, the owner needs to have the brand and model number to be sure to purchase the correct replacement battery that will operate your UPS properly.



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